Featuring “Faith Sustainers”

Mother Corriene: This “Faith Sustainer has been a wonderful fellowship partner, prayer supporter, and wonderful women warrior widow, still warring on behalf of her Father’s kingdom. Always supplying me with a “Daily Bread, and this time some “Vitamins for The Heart”! Lift her up today in your prayers in Jesus Name! https://communiontable.home.blog/ministries-body-ministry-focused-mobile/ https://stwrnservantslive20.net

Personal Growth in Personality: Key to Lasting Relationships — Prosper Anang Blog

“No longer do I give you the name of SERVANTS; because A SERVANT IS WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT HIS MASTER IS DOING: I give you the name of FRIENDS because I HAVE GIVEN YOU KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THE THINGS which my Father has said to me”[John 15:15 BBE] The first thing I want you to […] […]

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