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Let US stand!

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Communion Table

Calling All Saints!!!

Grace and peace to the beloved of Christ. I encourage the Saints that when you prepare to stand clothed in the armor of God try tweaking your perspective. The armor is not just for us individually, but for the whole body of Christ as one man. In Ephesians 6:10 he is encouraging the whole community as one. Undivided and clothed In the Lord’s armor, we can take a great triumphant stand as Christ’s Body. I also know that we cannot assure that everyone will be in harmony, but we can pray according to Ephesians 6:18. In this post I include a resource from the former actor Mel Novak, called “God’s Arsenal of Protection”. I also included an audio of the resource. It consists of a powerful scriptural session of praying scripture over our lives to start the day. Please remember this; when you read, or listen, or…

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