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This prophetic word came up on my Facebook memory today from 2016 and I felt strongly to reshare this word today… PEOPLE OF GOD, I ASK YOU "CAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BE CHANGED IN A DAY IN MY NAME?" Today as I sat with the Lord, His presence fell heavily upon me and I heard Him calling out to the people of God. He was asking a question, but this question was calling the people of God UP HIGHER. To a HIGHER VANTAGE POINT!!! A higher point of sight and a higher level of hearing, a higher level of hope. I heard the Lord asking the people of God "CAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY CHANGED IN A DAY IN MY NAME?" The Lord kept asking this question over and over again. I wondered why the Lord was asking the question repeated times and I felt the Lord say: "It's time to move to a HIGHER LEVEL OF HOPE!!! It's time to move to a HIGHER LEVEL OF HOPE!! It's time to ADJUST YOUR SIGHT and HEAR the SIGNS OF LIFE!!!!!!!! It's time to COME UP HIGHER and SEE from My PERSPECTIVE!!!! I am releasing IMPARTATIONS of HOPE, FAITH and DECLARATIONS in My people for the United States of America to release LIFE to her heart again!!!! It is time! It is time for the nation of America to COME ALIVE!!!!!!!" In this vision I watched as the people of God pressed deeper in intercession for the United States of America, there were encounters with His heart that were BREAKING mindsets and expectations of the heart concerning the destiny of America. I heard the Lord speak again: "I am allowing a SHAKING to usher in a RESHAPING!!!!!!! I am allowing a shaking in the nation and a shaking in My people in the United States to bring a RESHAPING!! You MUST come to a higher vantage point and SEE beyond the darkness!!! In this season I will come to you My people in the night and I will SHOW YOU My heart and My plans for the United States. I will show you the DESTINY of the nation from My heart. I am BREATHING LIFE AGAIN into you My people so you may speak LIFE into the heart of the nation again. I am breaking the chains of doom, I am breaking the hopelessness… TO READ WORD IN ITS ENTIRETY- LINK IN BIO

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