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  1. Like your author says, many people will say the will pray for you, but it is just a platitude. And I used to do much the same. Then a more devout friend showed me how to avoid “lying” about praying: as soon as I asked him to remember such-and-such in prayer, he would say, “Okay, let’s pray about that right now.” 😲 “Here at the mall!?” And so we prayed with people walking around us, and I felt Heaven-touched as he touched Heaven praying for me!
    So he taught me to do the same. When someone says, “Will your pray for . . .”, I reply, “Yes, let’s pray right now.” And the reactions have been all over the place, from thanxgiving to “Oh, NOOOooo.” 😂 Sometimes it reveals whether they wanted prayer or just to “be the one to tell you” something.


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